This 2020 prioritise nutrition over cutting calories .

Every year as the calendar turns, we make new resolutions towards better living. From ‘no
bazaar ka khaana’ to ‘no meetha’, resolutions come in many forms. One of the most
popular ones is resolving to simply eat better. And if your idea of health & fitness was
formed a few decades ago, it may be hard to shake the notion that one must avoid calories.
However, new evidences and studies have overturned this assumption.

Let’s first understand what we already know about calories. Calorie is a measure of the
energy a food or beverage provides. By knowing how many calories are present in the food
we consume, we can create a balance between the energy we take in and the energy we
use. This, in turn, helps to maintain a healthy weight. However, with skewed information
floating on internet, many of us think that our body is a battlefield that involves a war
between how many calories go in and how many go out. The internet generation has been
conditioned to falsely believe that if you reduce the number of calories consumed or
increase the calories burned, you will lose weight. This alone rarely works for people in the
long-term. If you stick to a simple calorie equation, you may be giving nutrition a miss and
maybe even paving way for chronic diseases. The quality of food you consume is more
important than the actual number of calories contained in it. Nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil
and eggs are some examples of foods that are high in calories but are healthy.
The question now arises – how to lead a nutritious lifestyle that nurtures the mind, body
and soul? With changing lifestyles, we are now busier than ever before and have little time
for researching, excessive measuring, and extensive preparation. So, nutritious eating might
sound daunting, right? It really isn’t.
Rock n Rosh, a health and wellness brand based out of Gurgaon, is catering to this need
through world-class quality food products and personalised consultation. Their menu boasts
a highly diverse range of meals, snacks, condiments and indulgences, all of which are gluten-
free, grain-free and sugar-free. From international delicacies like gnocchi, pizza & burgers,
to Indian delicacies like sambar vada & butter chicken, and even indulgences like waffles, ice
creams, biscotti & cheesecakes, Rock n Rosh caters to all taste buds and food preferences.
Their claim to fame is creating food that you crave work for you, not against you.
How is their food rich in nutrition? For instance, nuts and seeds are used as the base for
breads & bakes. These nuts and seeds contain a mixture of fats, including monounsaturated
fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and omega-3 fatty acids. These power-packed
ingredients have repeatedly shown results in improving cholesterol profiles, reducing blood
clotting, relaxing blood vessels and contributing to satiety. However, like other healthy
foods, nuts are usually stripped of many essential nutrients during processing in food
factories. Rock n Rosh uses controlled amount of heat and oxygen for their food processing,
which in turn maintains the richness of nutrition in their end products.
The founder, Ritika Arora, who is also an alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu gives consultation on
how to eat better through her customised diet plans. She reports that gluten-free, grain-
free and sugar-free eating has not only helped her customers in weight loss, but has also reversed type-2 diabetes and spiked the energy levels in customers complaining of fatigue
and stress.
At the end of the day, our food choices say a lot about us. We are what we eat. So, before
the vicious circle of ‘New Year, New Me’ starts, give yourself a reality check because that
‘tomorrow’ will never come. Prioritise nutrition over cutting calories!