Mindful Eating

Mindful eating involves being mindful when we’re eating. So from a practical, everyday perspective, this means:

  • Being aware of what you are putting into your mouth and body
  • Thinking about how it makes you feel, not just at the time you consume it but later after an hour or so
  • You can also be mindful as you buy, prepare or cook your food

Benefits of mindful eating

  1. It encourages you to focus and concentrate on your relationship and experience of the food and drink you’re consuming.
  2. It puts your mind in the present and makes you think more closely about your food and drink.
  3. This can help you make better, more informed food choices and become more attuned to the type of food and drink that’s best for your body. For eg , check if your stomach become bloated when you eat or drink certain things or do some things take longer to digest than others

Eating in this way may initially involve you adopting a different mindset and remembering to think about your food differently every time you sit down to eat it, but the benefits are widespread.

Eating mindfully can help you to:

  1.  Slow down – which can provide support with stress and anxiety.
  2. Improve your digestion by eating more slowly – taking the time to chew your food makes it easier to digest
  3. Appreciate your food more – how eat bites tastes; the texture and flavour of it
  4. Think more closely about your relationship with food – e.g. do you eat certain things when you are anxious
  5.  Make healthier food choices –now because you are more aware, it will hwlp you make better choices
How to eat mindfully

Mindful eating is a journey that may seem a bit unusual at first, but over time, becomes second nature to you.some pointers for how to get started with it:

  1. Start off being mindful about not snacking
  2. Don’t rush your food
  3. Chew everything thoroughly
  4. Get rid of any distractions – e.g. move your phone to another room, switch the TV off
  5. When you feel full, stop eating

Tips for mindful eating

  1. Only eat if you feel truly hungry – are you a 0 (starving) or 10 (stuffed)?
  2. The best time to eat is when your hunger levels are around 3 to 4, so you aren’t too hungry
  3. Shop with your taste buds, not your eyes
  4. Be honest with yourself







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